A future partner in management ahead of the times
I’d like to approach you with a company that serves its mission as a partner in management.
Since supplying tools to Korea in 1968, we have taken the lead in providing tools that are the most efficient and convenient to use.

Tools are the basic tools of life and will be provided by MUCHANG Co., Ltd. to satisfy the customers.


Create your dream future with differentiated capabilities.

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We will always make a good product for our customers.

Hand Tools

hand tools, electrical installation, plumbing blasting, iron work, woodworking gardening, office life

Cutting Tools

cutting tools, carbide tools, diamond tools

Measuring Tools

Measuring tools, horizontal laser equipment, measuring instruments

Electric Tools

electrical construction tools, engine construction machines, machine tools, loading and unloading machines

Air, Hydraulics

Air tools, hydraulic tools, compressor, painting tools, air related

Welding Supplies

Welding rod, electric welding machine, gas cutting machine, welding item

Industry, Safety Supplies

Chemical Lubricants, Protective Safety Products, Packaging Materials, Electrical Lighting Products


We will always make a good product for our customers.

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